Suggestions for a shortcut for Save Incremental Version

Adam C. nospam at
Sat Jun 18 11:50:21 CEST 2011

Imo we should clean up the menu a little bit, as we have quite a lot of  
saving functions, which leads to confusion. We have "save", "save as",  
"save incremental", "save backup", "export", "export to pdf" and  
"versions". The last one is greyed out here and i don't know the purpose.  
i suppose that most users don't know the difference between export and  
save as (we can also save jpegs in save as), how could they know the  
difference between save incremental and save backup?

I've quickly tested in the designer, if it's possible to add tool tips,  
but it doesn't seem to work. what works are status line messages, maybe  
this is an option?

just my 2 cents

On Sat, 18 Jun 2011 06:48:26 +0200, David REVOY <davidrevoy at>  

>> I am partial to having 2 menu entries, examples of those:
>> Save Incremental Version --- current behavior  (
>> Save Incremental Backup  ----
> Hey Pentalis, your proposition sounds better and less confusing than
> what I written with 'Save' and preference tweaking. I like it.
> Your 2 labels above makes sens for me. They even can still be shorten
> like this if lenght matter :
> Save Incremental --- current behavior  (
> Save Backup  ----
>> (I'll wait till next Wednesday at least to take a decision, there's no
>> hurry and having everyone's thoughts makes the change more likely to
>> be widely accepted).
> Sure, no hurry about it, let's hear other advices and thoughts about it.
> +
> -David
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