Suggestions for a shortcut for Save Incremental Version

David REVOY davidrevoy at
Sat Jun 18 06:48:26 CEST 2011

> I am partial to having 2 menu entries, examples of those:
> Save Incremental Version --- current behavior  (
> Save Incremental Backup  ----
Hey Pentalis, your proposition sounds better and less confusing than 
what I written with 'Save' and preference tweaking. I like it.
Your 2 labels above makes sens for me. They even can still be shorten 
like this if lenght matter :

Save Incremental --- current behavior  (
Save Backup  ----

> (I'll wait till next Wednesday at least to take a decision, there's no
> hurry and having everyone's thoughts makes the change more likely to
> be widely accepted).
Sure, no hurry about it, let's hear other advices and thoughts about it.


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