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David REVOY davidrevoy at
Fri Jun 10 22:21:57 CEST 2011

>>> I think the Wash mode was meant to have the same behavior as photoshop
>>> flow, but it isn't quit the same.
>>> I have a photoshop on my win installation and currently figuring out
>>> how this works.
>> flow manage the opacity of the dab, with interaction with previous dab.
>> ( this kind of opacity Mypaint and Corel Painter had only ; no real
>> composite end stroke opacity )
>> just for ref (not the best one, artist are usually more interrested
>> about the result than the technical word ):
> Hehe... :D ok I don't want to argue anymore.
> It doesn't matter anymore, anyway. With a bit of observation
> of photoshop I've found out how it is done and implemented it in krita.
> Please get the the current krita code :D
> I've pushed it to "master".
> It now works exactly like photoshop (you have to enable "Wash" mode).
sorry if you don't want to argue, I don't want to hurt with my observations.
I just hope they make sens, and gives you a user feedback.

:D cool for your developpement time for the flow and opacity now in wash 
mode too !
They act really good. Thanks !

I'm just a bit sad that it's made on wash mode . Wash mode still have a 
problem in my opinion , something I reported since more than a year with 
the wash mode : I don't know really what happen, I just know it's wrong 
for the result ; and makes the creation of a good airbrush preset in 
Krita almost impossible ( possible with normal mode, but some glitch 
appear with blending mode. ). Maybe it's not about wash mode but about a 
compositing thing or the way the soft edges of the brush is computed.

I did this document to help understand what I consider as a problem :
and a little joke :

oh , new message ( ^ ^ )
I answer here too
> Ok I've implemented it right now.
> Please check it out :D (the others too of course).
> Photoshop actually only works with indirect painting.
> I agree that we should remove the "Painting Mode" option from the brushes.
> Internally we need the distinguishing between direct and indirect
> painting of course.
> But we don't need it in the UI anymore.
> The Photoshop way is actually pretty smart. It behaves like if you would
> blend between
> "build up" and "wash" mode.
> The brushes that work only in direct painting mode don't have the
> "Painting Mode" option anyway
> and for the brushes that have this option we should set the painting
> mode fixed to indirect.
I trust you to make the right choice ; again here I'm just a artist /user :)
Cool if the Ui goes for being simpler for user.
Btw, here I don't understand the terms direct painting and indirect 
That should maybe related to how you manage it behind the Ui buttons :)


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