Branch krita-ui_improvements-silvioheinrich

Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Fri Jun 10 21:20:59 CEST 2011

On 06/09/2011 04:53 PM, David REVOY wrote:
>> I think the Wash mode was meant to have the same behavior as photoshop
>> flow, but it isn't quit the same.
>> I have a photoshop on my win installation and currently figuring out
>> how this works.
> flow manage the opacity of the dab, with interaction with previous dab.
> ( this kind of opacity Mypaint and Corel Painter had only ; no real
> composite end stroke opacity )
> just for ref (not the best one, artist are usually more interrested
> about the result than the technical word ):
Hehe... :D ok I don't want to argue anymore.
It doesn't matter anymore, anyway. With a bit of observation
of photoshop I've found out how it is done and implemented it in krita.
Please get the the current krita code :D
I've pushed it to "master".
It now works exactly like photoshop (you have to enable "Wash" mode).

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