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> > Really Big Issues
> Let me also add bug issue regarding brush engines preset.
> Enkithan suggested a long ago that we should mark brush engines
> that are experimental (e.g. brush preset format is changing radically between 
> versions)
> as experimental and stable as stable (e.g. development of the Pixel brush is 
> quite conservative, so that one might be marked as stable)
> We are in a string freeze. How do we want to solve this problem?

I think a short reprieve of the string freeze and changing the name to curve (experimental) is okay if you do it today.

> I don't disabling the save button is way to go. If somebody sticks with 2.3
> for  year or so, he wants to use experimantal brush engines presets at least 
> with 2.3.
> >From my point of view experimental:
> Curve
> Dyna 
> Grid
> Particle
> Sketch
> Spray (UI problems, will be changed)
> Experimental (not installed, compiled)
> Stable: (features are added, but the preset is not changed radically)
> Deform (somehow -+ stable)
> Hairy brush (somehow -+ stable)
> Pixel brush (with softbrush now) stable
> Duplicate
> Smudge
> Filter brush
> I don't know:
> Hatching brush (looks stable)
> Chalk will be disabled from the release.
> I know about that nice dent, but there is preset installed that is doing
> exactly the same thing in Pixel brush called Chalk.
> I would like to have chalk around as example when you start to create new 
> paintop.
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