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Fri Sep 24 12:05:22 CEST 2010

> Really Big Issues

Let me also add bug issue regarding brush engines preset.
Enkithan suggested a long ago that we should mark brush engines
that are experimental (e.g. brush preset format is changing radically between 
as experimental and stable as stable (e.g. development of the Pixel brush is 
quite conservative, so that one might be marked as stable)

We are in a string freeze. How do we want to solve this problem?
I don't disabling the save button is way to go. If somebody sticks with 2.3
for  year or so, he wants to use experimantal brush engines presets at least 
with 2.3.

From my point of view experimental:
Spray (UI problems, will be changed)
Experimental (not installed, compiled)

Stable: (features are added, but the preset is not changed radically)
Deform (somehow -+ stable)
Hairy brush (somehow -+ stable)
Pixel brush (with softbrush now) stable
Filter brush

I don't know:
Hatching brush (looks stable)

Chalk will be disabled from the release.
I know about that nice dent, but there is preset installed that is doing
exactly the same thing in Pixel brush called Chalk.
I would like to have chalk around as example when you start to create new 

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