Krita video tutorials (using key-mon)

Silvio Grosso grossosilvio at
Sat Oct 30 14:22:24 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

Just in case someone start recording Krita video tutorials: e.g. a student,
sponsored by Google... ;-)

Today, I have recorded myself a video tutorial to show key-mon [0].
Maybe, someone doesn't know anything about this cute application :-)

I have recorded this video tutorial with Camstudio, where I show the options
available with key-mon on Linux.
Through Virtualbox 3.2.10: I run Ubuntu Maverick as guest (Windows xp is the
For recording this video, I run Camstudio, on Windows: yes, I know I should
switch, for ever, to Linux :-)

The link where you can take a look at this video, where I show key-mon in
action is here [1].
This video is a bit "fuzzy", because I have compressed it a lot...

On Linux there are other guys who are using key-mon for their screencasts.
For instance, take a look at these video tutorials regarding Inkscape, where
key-mon is used to show all keys pressed [2].
Episode 104 is one of the smallest to download [3].

key-mon allows you to minimize its window, or to resize it.
Once in a while, you don't want it appearing in your video tutorial
(sometimes this window might be a bit obtrusive).

key-mon works only on Linux (it is an open source Python application).
But, as shown in my video, I use it with Windows xp as well :-)

Best regards,


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