Google Code-in 2010 Ideas for Krita

Silvio Grosso grossosilvio at
Thu Oct 28 17:05:54 CEST 2010

Cyrille Berger Skott wrote:

> Well mostly out of scope for google code-in :) But yes, it is something I
> am 
working on. 

I am sure It would be super-cool to have the actions fully working on Krita
But I agree it is probably a long-term task :-)

Over the last years, the actions (macros) have been required often-time in
the Gimp developers mailing list. Mainly by Photoshop users.
This feature request has always been turned down because it would require a
lot of coding.
Needless to say, Gimp's team has other priorities right now as well :-)

At work, on Windows xp, I use Photoshop because of its Actions feature :-)
As regards Linux, I have read there is a nice software named Phatch [1],
which tries to "mimick" all possible actions, but I have never used it.
With Gimp there are some utilities for mimicking the actions [2] but the
best would be to know Python or the Script-fu coding to write them yourself

To sum up, whether Krita gets the "actions feature" fully integrated, it
would be even more awesome than now :-)

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