Google Code-in 2010 Ideas for Krita

Cyrille Berger Skott cberger at
Wed Oct 27 22:45:31 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 27 October 2010, Vera Lukman wrote:
> I have this idea for awhile: allow users to remotely collaborate using
> Krita. So two (or more) users could run Krita simultaneously on their
> computers and they would work together.. Do you think it is possible?
> It would be useful for collaborating artists who live in separate
> regions.
Well mostly out of scope for google code-in :) But yes, it is something I am 
working on. It is missing three things right now:
1) not all actions are recorded (could be add to google code-in, it is usually 
not difficult) only drawing and filters are recorded right now
2) the stack of action for each layer (something Dmitry has indicated he 
wanted to work on, out of scope for google code-in)
3) and lastly use telepathy to communicate the actions between users, could be 
in scope for code-in, but without 2) it is not so interesting (maybe for next 
year ?)

Cyrille Berger Skott
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