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Tue Oct 5 15:46:06 CEST 2010

> Lukas is no longer full-time sponsored, but there is still sponsorship
> money for him to fix difficult bugs

Yes -- to make it clear, I will work since mid-october part time 12-20 hours/week similarly like Dmitry is working. 
I will work for ~100 hours. I find it as good test of the part-time model of working on Krita =) There might be 
another round of this kind of work from me, but we will see what Krita will need and what the status of finances will be.

I don't have plan, so we can setup new one. Old one is almost complete

I propose:
o I can spent more time on the smudge problem, but I don't have any ideas to test, it will be quite huge exploration programming
o I can spent more time on the unfinished business from Action Plan III 
o Bug 252159 -  krita hangs and brush outline does not show under certain setings
o Bug 252144 -  Bad square mask generation when angle is nonzero.
o Bug 242805 -  Weird behavior of the "Color"-Mode with pure red. (Hue~=0) 
o Bug 245870 -  Gaussian Blur filter preview is blocky, the edges of the image are blurred weirdly
o Bug  251930    Remove pattern crash

The list is not sorted by priority. Feel free to propose more bugs that I'm good candidate for ;)

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