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Mon Jun 21 21:42:45 CEST 2010

> > I don't know how to fix it as it seems to depend on Qt's QUndoStack
> > much. So i just wrote the test for the problem. What do you think
> > about it?
> I don't know how to fix it either. Maybe we can find a way to make the
> transform tool be able to coalesce many changes without messing with the
> undo
> stack, that was always very unstable.

Yeah, that would be the best solution. Speaking truly, i'd like transform
tool to work in overlay(?). Like "Line" and "Rectangle" tools. And commit to
undo stack then.

Btw, do incremental transformations lower the quality?

Maybe we can do something using the tool activation/deactivation (or a timer
> with a pause) that commits the complete transform in one action.

Timer :(. I'm afraid we will end up with the same undo stack signals. I
think we need a button (big and red! :) ) that will end transformation,
commit it into the stack and remove "hands" from the canvas. After pressing
this button, editing of the previous transformation will not be possible.

Marc, is it possible to implement?

Dmitry Kazakov
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