backward compatibility at
Mon Jun 21 18:42:50 CEST 2010


I'm trying to support backward compatibility with deform brush.Since there is 
possible to turn on / off airbrushing now , I removed option "Paint when not 
moving" as it is the same option as Airbrushing. 

I can load the settings easily in paintop (the code is in settings object) but 
I can't easily load the deform option to the UI: If the "Paint when not 
moving" was checked and this was saved in the preset, Airbrushing should be 
checked now.

Airbrushing option is in the libpaintop library so the library does not know 
nothing about the Deform brush (and it's presets string). I could put the 
deform preset string into kis_airbrush_option.cpp for this purpose, but if you 
know some nicer solution, please let me know.

This option "Paint when not moving" was by default turned on and I think most 
of the presets have this option on. Also the Airbrush is on by default in 
deform brush. So it might not make problems much - just for presets where this 
option is turned off.

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