Fixed bug in KisPerChannelFilter that prevented it from loading/saving bookmarks v.3

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Mar 9 21:52:04 CET 2009

On Monday 09 March 2009, Dmitry Kazakov wrote:
> > Difference between inspiration and copy/paste is that you can make
> > changes ;) I have no objection to adding cubic splines to the list of
> > types, and to properly specify it.
> We can make a change to the SVG specification, can't we? 8( )
No we can't. But we don't care as we can do whatever we want in OpenRaster, we 
just want to be as close as possible from svg, because it's convenient.

> > > And the last issue against SVG. SVG's feComponentTransferis is stuck to
> > > RGB. RGB is not the only colorspace in the world. ;)
> >
> > Well you have shown one of the solution to that problem in the beginning
> > of the mail ;) While I am not a fan of numbers, it might as well be
> > better to have curve_red, curve_blue, curve_cyan, curve_l, curve_...
> In PS7 there is no difference which colorspace the curves were created in.
> That is you can create a curve in RGB mode and apply it to LAB image. I
> think it's a good idea to leave curves unattached to any colorspace.
That would be strange, if you make a curve for RGB, and try to apply to a LAB 
image, does it apply the red curve to the L, green to A, and blue to B ? Or 
does it do the conversion ?

Actually I would think it would be a good idea to bookmark individual curve, 
but that would not be possible with the current filter configuration bookmark 
system, and would need some specific code, either in KCurve or in the filter 

> > Why not provide an implementation of
> > KisBaseProcessor::factoryConfiguration in KisPerChannelFilter ?
> That would be great if we didn't have to implement almost the same function
> if Factory class.
> >  no more need for overriding KisConfigurationFactory
> That is! But how to implement it?
> KisFilter d->parentFilter;
> KisSerializableConfiguration*
> KisFilterConfigurationFactory::createDefault() {
>     return d->parentFilter->defaultConfiguration;
> }
> Is it?
almost, with  return d->parentFilter->factoryConfiguration(); instead :)

Cyrille Berger
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