Fixed bug in KisPerChannelFilter that prevented it from loading/saving bookmarks v.3

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Mon Mar 9 15:54:31 CET 2009

> > I'm afraid we can't be inspired by SVGspec here at all. The point is they
> > suggest us to use linear interpolation for the curve (i guess this type
> of
> > the curve had been implemented in KCurve before my patch) . Maybe this
> type
> > is a good idea for some ideal theoretical curve as it's quite simple and
> > fast, but for real users (who are "inspired" by real professional
> > instrumens, such as PS, PictureWindowPro, TheGimp) it's at least
> _strange_
> > curve and almost unusable, because they are used to cubic splines.
> Difference between inspiration and copy/paste is that you can make changes
> ;) I have no objection to adding cubic splines to the list of types, and to
> properly specify it.

We can make a change to the SVG specification, can't we? 8( )

> > And the last issue against SVG. SVG's feComponentTransferis is stuck to
> > RGB. RGB is not the only colorspace in the world. ;)
> Well you have shown one of the solution to that problem in the beginning of
> the mail ;) While I am not a fan of numbers, it might as well be better to
> have curve_red, curve_blue, curve_cyan, curve_l, curve_...

In PS7 there is no difference which colorspace the curves were created in.
That is you can create a curve in RGB mode and apply it to LAB image. I
think it's a good idea to leave curves unattached to any colorspace.

> Why not provide an implementation of KisBaseProcessor::factoryConfiguration
> in KisPerChannelFilter ?

That would be great if we didn't have to implement almost the same function
if Factory class.

>  no more need for overriding KisConfigurationFactory

That is! But how to implement it?

KisFilter d->parentFilter;

KisSerializableConfiguration* KisFilterConfigurationFactory::createDefault()
    return d->parentFilter->defaultConfiguration;

Is it?

Dmitry Kazakov
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