Review Request: added a baseclass for all selection tools

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> Review request for KOffice.
> Summary
> -------
> I added KisToolSelectBase as a base class for all selection tools and
> refactored the tools in the selectiontools directory to use it. If this
> patch will be accepted, I will also move KisToolSelectSimilar to the
> selectiontools dir, add the new parent and implement the junior job
> "implement shortcuts to switch between selection modes (add, subtract,
> replace) for the Krita selection tools".
> I noticed 2 bugs (crash in path select and lines not visible in polygonal,
> already in the old version present), which I will also try to fix.
> KisToolSelectPolygonal will need a new shortcut for deactivating.

Looks good. I think it would be better to put the new base class in
krita/ui/tool, makes it easier reusable.

For the temporary line painting have a look at the shape tools. Lukas did
already fix it there.
While you are working on the actions you could also switch the comboboxes in
that widget to button groups.
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