Latest version of kdelibs and koffice for testing of Krita

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat Dec 12 09:44:59 CET 2009

On Saturday 12 December 2009, Mag. Leonhard Landrock wrote:

> So cmake complains about a missing Soprano. But I have "libsoprano-dev"
> installed. Sadly I can't remember wether Qt also needed to know about
>  soprano.

I think the required soprano revision got upped quite recently, so the 
packaged version is very likely too old.

> :-(
> I believe the koffice developers work with the latest KDE 4. So I hope you
>  can give me a hint what might be wrong.

Well, actually, I think none of us do. I'm currently using the 4.4 beta 
packages from OpenSUSE, and that's as current as it gets. On my other system 
I'm using 4.3, and I think there are even developers who are still on 4.2.

The advantage of OpenSUSE"s 4.4 beta packages is that they drag in Qt 4.6, 
which is much better for Krita than 4.5 -- but most developers are still on 

> PS: In the end it's krita I am intrested in at most.

Then it's much easier to just install the deps from debian and follow 
Boudewijn Rempt |

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