2.2 Release plan

Jaroslaw S kexipl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 16:30:23 CET 2009

2009/12/1 Cyrille Berger <cberger at cberger.net>:
> On Tuesday 01 December 2009, Jaroslaw S wrote:
>> From the packagers POV:
>> But how to do that if Krita comes in the same tarball as the other apps?
>> Is there a plan to have #ifdefs in Krita to support builds for OSes
>> that are based on Qt 4.5
>> (OK for those that agree with the degraded feature(s) or performace)?
> To be explicit, Qt 4.5 => no krita 2.2, there is no #ifdef that can save you
> from that, since what we are interested in the bug fix deep in Qt 4.6 that
> makes tablet work out of the box, instead of having to tell users that they
> need to edit their hal files.
> Since Krita is advertised as a paint application, it is a must have. So OSes
> that are based on Qt 4.5 and won't have 4.6 (is there any ?) won't have krita
> 2.2.

This is your choice of course and the discussion is not new.
It is 100% OK assuming:

a) all supported users are tablet users

b) there are no improvements in 2.2 other than tabled support

c) only users able to upgrade their OSes can benefit from advancements
made in Krita
    (not all users can: not all own the running computers, suboptimal
policies e.g. in schools can prevent that,
    or technically upgrade is not possible because the OS is based on
LiveCD/DVD/other readonly medium)

Why I am asking is not because _I_ cannot upgrade or I cannot help
others to do so:
I am trying to extract a more generic idea how to behave in such case
when we can offer the folowing options:
1. Stay with previous version of an app
2. Allow to devote some new features in exchange of giving some other new
(all the above assuming the option can be made with little development effort)

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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