Yet another brush interface proposal

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Mar 24 21:30:50 CET 2008

On Sunday 23 March 2008, Valerie wrote:
> > However, though I like the concept, I don't think that your
> > mock (and thus concrete ui) conways this idea in good and
> > intuitive enough way. Please try to think of other concrete
> > ui's to do the same concept. Some of the things I dislike are
> > the single button to switch drawer, and I'm not sure "drawer"
> > is such a great name. Maybe "folder" is more known.
> Hmm, I'll try to think of something else. The were two reasons
> I chose drawers though:
> - you put brushes and paint tubes into a drawer, not into a
> folder. :P It makes more sense for an artist. You're basically
> opening a drawer and putting the whole content onto your table.
> Don't any of you do that to organize your pens and pencils?

I use boxes for pencils :-). And I've got an old powerdrill box that I made 
layers and compartments in for my oils. Brushes go into peanut butter jar, 
inks into the drawer of my great-grandfather's desk, etc. But then, I don't 
really have a work place for working with real media.

That said, I think the concept of a drawer is really appropriate here. Putting 
paints into a folder merely destroys the artwork in that folder.

Boudewijn Rempt

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