Yet another brush interface proposal

Heikki Ulmanen Heikki.Ulmanen at
Sun Mar 23 12:12:34 CET 2008

Since we're on the subject of brush interfaces, has anyone used Colors! on the nintendo ds? It's a very rudimentary paint application, but it is highly intuitive. One of the best features is that it uses the shoulder buttons on the DS to bring up a menu with all the brush and color controls available:

I realize this is a very simplistic system, but having used Colors!, I find it is a great example of how important the ability to quickly change tool options and colours is. Better still, the sliders and colour picker are large enough to be used with the stylus, which is very intuitive since you're painting with it anyway. 

This may not directly apply to Krita with it's extensive brush settings, but maybe there are some ideas to be found here. At any rate, if you have a DS with the necessary kit to run homebrew apps, I heartily recommend trying Colors! as a travel sketchbook. 

Heikki Ulmanen

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