Yet another brush interface proposal

Valerie valerie_vk at
Sat Mar 22 19:38:29 CET 2008

> First of: Great work (even if some of us might disagree with 
> some of the proposals from time to time). You clearly put a
> lot of thinking into this, and this is very good. I can't
> thank you enough :)

You're welcome! (besides I often tend to disagree with my Own
proposals with time as well. When I explore an idea, I try to
go into it as much as possible, but if I get a better idea 
I tend to throw all my Own old ideas out the window, eh).

As far as I can tell, fully exploring an idea is also necessary
to see what all the Bad things about it are...

> I think I like it. My first impression is positive and i seem
> to grasp the concepts easily and it seems like itwill be nice 
> to work with.

Awesome! At least that's one person who has a positive impression.
This means that even if the final interface isn't exactly alike,
at least Something in here may still be useful.

> This I like less. Maybe simply because i don't understand what
> it is about. But that usually is an indication of that 
> someting isn't working. :/

Oh. There May be a context problem involved, because I had already
explained something like this before, so I skipped all the explanations
this time, which might have been a bad idea.

The basic idea is that if you start focusing on brush Instances instead
of just one tool at a time, you can very easily end up with dozens,
if not hundreds of brushes. These need to be organized.

These so-called drawers basically allow you to organize all those
presets into folders, then allow you to load a whole folder ("drawer")
into a single toolbar. You can stuff all your watercolor brush 
presets into a virtual folder, and load all of them at the same
time, so you don't have to go looking for them individually.

These folders aren't physical folders though, (so you don't have to
actually physically move files around), but Links to specific
items, so although I didn't do a mock-up, the interface for managing
them should look much like how you organize internet link bookmarks. 
Maybe it'd have been clearer if I did though.

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