Yet another brush interface proposal

C. Boemann cbr at
Sat Mar 22 19:56:31 CET 2008

>> This I like less. Maybe simply because i don't understand what
>> it is about. But that usually is an indication of that
>> someting isn't working. :/
> Oh. There May be a context problem involved, because I had already
> explained something like this before, so I skipped all the explanations
> this time, which might have been a bad idea.
Ok I get the concept, and you don't have to mock the bookmark-like stuff. I 
get thatclearly.

However, though I like the concept, I don't think that your mock (and thus 
concrete ui) conways this idea in good and intuitive enough way. Please try 
to think of other concrete ui's to do the same concept. Some of the things I 
dislike are the single button to switch drawer, and I'm not sure "drawer" is 
such a great name. Maybe "folder" is more known.

> As for the Gimp code part, I'm not really talking about re-using code,
> but using the underlying algorithmics and concepts, when possible
> of course. :)
Well reusing algorithms is not really reuse, in any time saving way, 
especially since we still need to adapt it to the concepts and realities of 
krita. I don't think any of us are opposed to stealing anything from other 
foss projects. All I wanted to say is that in reality it's not so easy. 

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