Popslide idea

C. Boemann cbr at boemann.dk
Fri Mar 21 16:23:39 CET 2008

> Well then what are you all waiting for? Implement it! :D
the slider is implemented as i said.

> And the sooner all the options can be moved out the Tool Options
> dialog and into the upper toolbar, the better, in my opinion.
> (no offense, but I hold a severe dislike of the Tool Options
> dialog, which in my opinion is a huge waste of screen real-estate)
That is something different. No comments on that one.

> That said, the version that person submitted is interesting compared
> to others I've seen: it's a one-click system, where the slider of
> the bar will always first appear right under the mouse, and the
> rest of the bar shifts position accordingly (though remains in
> fixed position after). See the following examples:
> http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/9136/shotwf6.jpg
> For most other such widgets, you usually click once, click on the
> slider to drag left and right, then click again to close.
> Anthony Walter's version is thus a bit confusing at first, but
> ultimately it might be more efficient once you get used to it.
> Thoughts?
My KoPopupSlider also pops up with the knob directly under the mouse

> While you're at it, can the same concept be applied to... just about
> everything else? (layer selector, etc, etc)
in theory yes

Not sure we'd want to do that though. Some things are nice to always be 
available. I for one always maximize the height of the layerbox so I can see 
as many layers as possible.

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