Krita-Plugins 1.6.4

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Mon Jan 7 21:33:53 CET 2008


On Monday 07 January 2008, Moritz Moeller wrote:
> > I am happy to announce the release of Krita-Plugins with a "dither" (aka
> > color reduction) filter. Packages and sources are available at
> > .
> just curious -- does it support dithering 24 bits down to 15, 16 or 18
> bits?
It currently only support dithering to 8bit. The only export filter that is 
capable of creating a palette from an image is PNG, and PNG is limited to 
8bits palette. But there is nothing in the algorithm that prevent to use 
bigger palette when have export filters which can work with higher depth 

> This is often needed to make graphics for mobile phones. 
What it is trully missing for use in mobile phones is the possibility to 
use "custom palette" instead of automatically generated ones.

> Also important: dithering to <=8 bits but choosing colors only from the
> 15/16/18 bits "palettes". This way, there's no ugly colour shift when
> the device with the limited palette displays 8 bit images (which usally
> use 256 distinct 24bit colors, not 256 disting 15/16/18 bit colors).
I don't follow you :/ What do you mean by 15/16/18bits palette ? "Downscale" 
the colors of the palette to 15/16/18 bits when searching for the closest 
color ?

Cyrille Berger

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