Krita-Plugins 1.6.4

Moritz Moeller mnm at
Mon Jan 7 11:28:07 CET 2008


> I am happy to announce the release of Krita-Plugins with a "dither" (aka color 
> reduction) filter. Packages and sources are available at 
> .

just curious -- does it support dithering 24 bits down to 15, 16 or 18 bits?
This is often needed to make graphics for mobile phones.
Also important: dithering to <=8 bits but choosing colors only from the 
15/16/18 bits "palettes". This way, there's no ugly colour shift when 
the device with the limited palette displays 8 bit images (which usally 
use 256 distinct 24bit colors, not 256 disting 15/16/18 bit colors).


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