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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Nov 16 21:04:49 CET 2007

Valerie VK wrote:
> (aww, I miss all the fun because of timezone differences)
> I see Matthew! You were talking about lines all along! I was 
> talking about paths. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. :-)
> It seems that this point has been cleared up. So... The developers
> agree:
> - to make "live" updates of the line tool
> - to assign "straight line" to the shift key?
> (just keeping track)

I think that was agreed :-). In which case, can we drop the polyline 
tool? Even in 1.6.1 I can pretty well draw polylines just as easily with 
the path tool (and then I gain them being editable).

> 1. Unlike Photoshop and the current Gimp, paths won't be 'global 
> objects' (never did like that anyway), but appear on a vector layer.

That's the impression I got. As long as I can drag around the layers, 
I've no objection, probably it is as people say an improvement.

> 2. Some are considering combining the "round" and "rectangle" brushes. 
> -- On combining the "round" and "rectangle" brushes --
> I'm actually wondering if this is a good idea: just like we keep the 
> ellipse and rectangle tools separate, keeping round and rectangle 
> separate may have its own benefits. 

Replying to your other e-mail: yes, we will definitely want nice 
presets. Otherwise I think consolidation is OK; really everything is a 
superset of the 'super-polygon' brush anyway.

> HOWEVER, I'd like to raise my hand to the idea of perhaps making
> sections of the tool bar collapsible, or to make it editable in 
> hiding tools like Gimp 2.0 does. The idea is that you can then 
> hide the tools you don't need, such as selection and transformation
> tools when painting, and instead have a custom section where you 
> can drag and drop custom brush settings, which can be useful when 
> you have a multitude of paint brush settings you'd like to be able 
> to access quickly.

Collapsing is how I would go. I don't mind having shape generators 
(though I think they should generate paths, that can then be edited), 
but grouping them under the path "toolbox" rather than making Krita look 
like a flowcharting program would be nice.

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