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Fri Nov 16 03:43:01 CET 2007

Oh by the way, before I forget again...

-- On repeated strokes --

Solution: "Constrain brush to path" functionality.

You draw a path, and once the option is activated, any brush 
strokes you leave Will be centered on the path. It could be
portrayed as a separate tool, the "sticky brush" or something
like that. So you can just stroke a portion, change 
brush/color/whatever, then move onto another section or repeat 
that section again.

- you have a big star shape
- you activate the tool
- you select a round red brush and you apply to one of the star tips
- you select a square green brush and you apply to another of
the tips
- why'd you want to do that? I have no idea. But it'd be great for
irregular interval tracing. And you can retrace as often as you want.

When you have the tool activated, the "brush" can follow any
of the shapes present on the current vector layer (and otherwise
"drop" raster outputs onto the layer below like with the "space"
option). The currently followed shape becomes highlighted, or you
just have a little point appearing on the shape to show which
area you're currently tracing (tracing is activated when you get
close enough to a shape).

Alternatively, there could also be a (separate!) option to use a 
shape as "guideline" much like Inkscape's "engraver" tool will do:

Though... maybe not for anything soon. It could come in two versions:
parallel and size offset (the second will basically allow things like
centered stars or increasing size). I'm honestly wondering if this
second option is useful, you can always just move the original vector
on the vector layer and reapply.

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