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Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Fri Nov 16 03:01:19 CET 2007

(aww, I miss all the fun because of timezone differences)

I see Matthew! You were talking about lines all along! I was 
talking about paths. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. :-)

It seems that this point has been cleared up. So... The developers
- to make "live" updates of the line tool
- to assign "straight line" to the shift key?

(just keeping track)

Also, if I understand correctly:

1. Unlike Photoshop and the current Gimp, paths won't be 'global 
objects' (never did like that anyway), but appear on a vector layer.
Optional: They can stay there as stand alone objects, or eventually 
be dragged along while pressing "space" to leave raster outlines Or 
fills (thanks Matthew! Forgot about that one). Maybe eventually, it
can leave such operations on a mask layer too?

2. Some are considering combining the "round" and "rectangle" brushes. 

-- On combining the "round" and "rectangle" brushes --

I'm actually wondering if this is a good idea: just like we keep the 
ellipse and rectangle tools separate, keeping round and rectangle 
separate may have its own benefits. 

This is especially true if Krita adds operations to these tools like 
in Gimp, such as increasing the number of sides for rectangle/
polygon, etc. Of course, Those commands could be grouped too, but 
why? If I've made a polygon or a star brush, I'm not sure I'd want 
to discard the setting completely to change it into a round brush, 
especially given how often people use the round brush. There's also
a difference in parameters: Round brush depends on x radius, y radius
and angle. Rectangle depends on x, y and angle. Visually, it's 
slightly different.

Though... rectangle and "diamond", as that one is called, Could be 
combined. Visually, you can drag between segments to create the 
inward angle. When you drag too much outwards, it becomes a polygon 
and stays that way.

Bah, needs mock-ups.

Glad to hear that you'd have rounded rectangles though!

-- On shapes and paint tools: --

I would like to say though that like others, I also see the benefit
of having separate shapes tools. Getting shapes done in Gimp is 
pretty annoying, and I kind of Don' t like having to dig up Gfig. 
Also, these shapes are especially reassuring for new users. Just
watch the new user scratch his head then go :-( when he realizes 
that there's no insanely easy way of drawing a rectangle in Gimp. 
I know I did that. :P Some of use resent having to make a rectangle
select First then "border" it then "fill" then "deselect." 

HOWEVER, I'd like to raise my hand to the idea of perhaps making
sections of the tool bar collapsible, or to make it editable in 
hiding tools like Gimp 2.0 does. The idea is that you can then 
hide the tools you don't need, such as selection and transformation
tools when painting, and instead have a custom section where you 
can drag and drop custom brush settings, which can be useful when 
you have a multitude of paint brush settings you'd like to be able 
to access quickly.

-On combining vector and raster using nodes-

For me, the difference between the two is:
- raster is just a big blob of WYSIWYG paint (from my point of view) 
on the canvas, and you can paint over it, erase it, whatever, without 
having to think about how the individual "nodes" get affected (or if 
they get affected at all)
- vectors are shapes I Know I'd want to modify later on.

And if you want to know why I like to keep them Separate, just open 
Inkscape and accumulate a whole bunch of hairs, scales or other 
details on an old computer (mine's nearly 6-years-old. I Really 
need to change it :-( The screen is all yellow too), and watch as: 
1. It slows to a crawl (it currently slows to a crawl with the text
tool too, which apparently gets rendered as a very complicated 
path :-( )and
2. Selecting those individual hairs start to get reeeeal annoying 
after a while, especially if they're all bunched up.

In short, in the case of raster, I don't Want super-editability. 
What's done is done, when I have 5000 strokes on the canvas, if 
I want to change stroke #3213, I'll just have to do it the hard 
way: erase that section and redraw.

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