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Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Fri Nov 16 04:16:27 CET 2007

> > No not yet. But we need something for the release of KOffice and Krita
2.0. I 
> > do believe it's more a matter of contents than php/html skills.
> And hosting -- I think we should at least use the krita2 domain for
> dedicated. I will be making a plan for releasing the koffice components
> as separate tarballs during the Christmas holidays, so that should
enable us
> to have separate tarballs for Unix and installers for Windows and OS X
for download.


> The big thing missing is the content creation -- I am really sure 
> that I won't have any time for that myself.

I can help with that. Somewhat. If you pay close attention, in the
mock-up I've made, most of the sections make use of existing 
sections, so there's a good deal of copy/paste going on.

The biggest factors missing are:
- new features and screenshots. Save for what you guys reveal in 
the mailing list and blogs, I have no idea what you are up to. :(
- roadmap/to-do summary. A new mailing-list thread could be 
started to start filling this up. This doesn't have to be too 
detailed at this point and can be a progressively completed wiki.
- agreement on things such as names, top-level summaries, etc.
- we actually don't have tutorials yet, so that's actually 
simple: "We're looking for contributors to write tutorials on 
the following: [blablabla]. If you can help, please contact 
[bla]. :) " Ideally, the tutorials can be presented like the 
screenshot section: one good screenshot and explanations on 
the side, including if the tutorial is a web-page or a video.
- I also know zilch about presentation aside from <b></b> 
<i></i> and other basic html.

The rest is copy/pasting and re-arranging, with some re-wording 
here and there. I can start on that, and the rest can be completed 
or edited by someone else.

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