Brush spacing / rotate / scale

Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Thu Nov 15 13:33:30 CET 2007

> Well good news, in 2.0 there will be a dynamic paint op, similar of what
> you 
> can get with photoshop, currently you can have the left stroke, but not
> the 
> right :
> zoom > 100%
> zoom < 100%

So that's Krita 2.0! It looks great! :D I see a "smooth" option there 
too. How well does that work? The commands at the top really have me
itching to try them out! (trying to build Krita 2.0 on Ubuntu has
failed for me so far, oh well)

So Krita is getting size fade! That's great news! :D Though... it
seems to be set after a specific number of steps as well. I had 
something different in mind, something that would give you a sharp 
edge no matter what the length of the stroke. Basically, when sketching
or doing highlights, you'd not have to change the distance of the 
fade all the time. I'm not sure how it'd work algorithmically though,
maybe something that thins the stroke down abruptly if you accelerate
while doing a finishing stroke, or that makes the stroke in the 
direction of your mouse after you let go. Or it's a shape that gets
calculated on the go...

> > Agreed :) That's why we are very glad that you and the others take the
> time to 
> > read our lists and give their opinion.
> Yes -- very stimulating :-)

Then again, save for the list, there isn't much else to read. :P And
I've found out that often, if you want to know what in the world is 
going on with a project, your best bet is the mailing list...

You'd also probably be getting a Lot more activity though if the 
mailing list archive weren't hidden away at the bottom of the page. 
:P Two things basically will help Krita gain exposure:
- a website that actually tells users what Krita is about (I actually
have more luck reading Boudewijn and Berger's blogs)
- ...and a Windows port. Maybe a Mac port too. Unfortunately, that's 
still where most of the artists are. They'll likely stay there for a 
while too until they're certain the various Linux distros get flawless 
_out-of-the-box_ tablet support and all.

Say, is someone actually working on the website (I have no idea how
to program one myself, sorry)? At the very least it should be done
before the Libre Graphics 2008 or the Google Summer of Code, so it
can be used to attract more contributors. 

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