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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Nov 15 16:00:41 CET 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007, Valerie VK wrote:
> > Well good news, in 2.0 there will be a dynamic paint op, similar of what
> > you
> > can get with photoshop, currently you can have the left stroke, but not
> > the
> > right :
> >
> > zoom > 100%
> >
> > zoom < 100%
> >
> So that's Krita 2.0! It looks great! :D I see a "smooth" option there
> too. How well does that work?

It works quiet well, but you can get some weird results sometimes, because, it 
doesn't like when the angle between two strokes is big. For instance you can 
get weird artefact when drawing a right angle, or if you draw back and forth 
on the same line, instead of having a sharp peak you get a round peak. It 
migh be solveable, before the release. I also believe that smooth shouldn't 
be use with a tablet.

> So Krita is getting size fade! That's great news! :D Though... it
> seems to be set after a specific number of steps as well. I had
> something different in mind, something that would give you a sharp
> edge no matter what the length of the stroke. Basically, when sketching 
> or doing highlights, you'd not have to change the distance of the
> fade all the time. I'm not sure how it'd work algorithmically though,
> maybe something that thins the stroke down abruptly if you accelerate
> while doing a finishing stroke, or that makes the stroke in the
> direction of your mouse after you let go. Or it's a shape that gets
> calculated on the go...

And the fade is currently linear of the distance.

The biggest problem is to "know" when the user wants to stop.
 * acceleration or speed should also be able to control the size "fade", it 
doesn't work yet, and I am unsure wether it will make it for 2.0 or have to 
 * a quick and easy solution would be to draw with an elliptic brush (lets say 
height = width / 2 ) and have the brush rotated in the direction of the 
stroke. (I can't test right now, but it should work or it should be made to 
work). The problem is that you also have the "fade" at the begining of your 
 * a more complicated way would be to record the drawing, and recompute it at 
the end of the drawing to apply the fade

> - a website that actually tells users what Krita is about (I actually
> have more luck reading Boudewijn and Berger's blogs)
> - ...and a Windows port. Maybe a Mac port too. Unfortunately, that's
> still where most of the artists are.
Well :

And there is also a MacOSX port : (it's a little bit 
outdated, but the maintainer is currently trying to make a new build).

> Say, is someone actually working on the website (I have no idea how
> to program one myself, sorry)? At the very least it should be done
> before the Libre Graphics 2008 or the Google Summer of Code, so it
> can be used to attract more contributors.
No not yet. But we need something for the release of KOffice and Krita 2.0. I 
do believe it's more a matter of contents than php/html skills.

Cyrille Berger

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