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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Nov 15 09:56:12 CET 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007, Valerie VK wrote:
> 5. Get the core functions down Well. The very core functions are the
> ones that will matter to Everybody, things like line-smoothing,
> anti-aliasing, etc. I've seen people argue on the merit of which
> program to use just based on how smooth are the lines they are able
> to produce. Some buy tablets just for that, others use work-arounds
> such as paths.
> I admit my first impression of Krita was "Damn the line anti-aliasing
> is bad..." (I think it turned out to be a zoom-level problem. Won't
> that be addressed with Arthur?).

Yeah the zoom level < 100% in 1.6 is not very smooth nor beautifull. But I 
think that if you have opengl and activate it, the zoom is smoother. In 2.0, 
things are better, without opengl, as you can see on the screenshot bellow, I 
don't know if it's just Arthur or also us using better scaling method, or 

> Also, if you find a way to make strokes like these:
> with a mouse (and with line-smoothing), then... wow. In my early
> days of checking out programs, I looked left and right to find a
> way to easily do those (without resorting to paths, vector
> programs, or the likes that are cumbersome for drawing a few
> hundred hairs and hair highlights). I even can't get them right
> with a graphics tablet. :( Size-fade comes close, but if there's a
> way to automatically resize the edge no matter what the length of
> the line, that'd be better.

Well good news, in 2.0 there will be a dynamic paint op, similar of what you 
can get with photoshop, currently you can have the left stroke, but not the 
right :

zoom > 100%
zoom < 100%

> 6. Finally... get involved with artists. They're the ones doing the
> drawing, they should be able to give the most feedback on what works
> and what doesn't. They may even help you identify work sequences, such
> as 1. lineart cleaning, 2. [whatever], 3. [whatever] and help determine
> the best way to go about it while providing tutorials.
Agreed :) That's why we are very glad that you and the others take the time to 
read our lists and give their opinion.

Cyrille Berger

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