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Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Wed Nov 14 15:10:07 CET 2007

> Anyway, I have started the page on the wiki, there isn't much on it yet:

Thanks for the link! Nice so far! :)

I'm also trying to imagine how elements such as "add grain, add 
bristles," etc for example could also be implemented visually rather 
than through a slider. For example, for a brush with bristles, you 
could click it in the editor while holding down a key or while in 
a specific mode, and you'd see the number of dots increase or decrease.

There's one big obstacle I face though: I actually have no idea what
the future brush parameters will be. :P So I think I'll just spare
myself the headache for now.

The Big headache will be the long-term goal though, when Krita needs 
an interface that will be able to handle all those natural brushes.
I've just looked at the wiki (nice!), and as it noted: even 
commercial programs can make the brushes hard to use. 

Result: most people use "predictable" programs such as Photoshop 
for painting instead. Fewer natural brushes, but also fewer headaches 
and trying to guess how to do what.

This will be one of the challenges of Krita as a painter program: I'm 
really quite awed by the work you all have put into the programming,
but the end question will be: how to make it easy to use? One day
contributors will have to sit down and perhaps take it from a 
scenario approach instead of a pure brush functionality approach. 
Painter gives users lots of functionalities. They also involve a 
mountain of sliders most people don't know how to use...

It would be a very good thing once the website is up. Then it may
help give Krita the visibility needed to get even more contributors,
programming-wise, GUI-wise and in fact, support-wise: where using
complex natural brushes are concerned, good tutorials may be a must.
Artists that can write these tutorials, and also provide ideas as to
how to make the GUI simpler to use, would be of great help.

Nice of you to remind me of "composition" by the way! I had nearly 
forgotten about that one! One thing about natural painting media 
is that eventually, Krita may have to find more telling names for 
modes. Find a Joe Schmoe and tell him "You can use this program to 
paint! There are lots of paint modes such as multiply, grain extract 
and value" - then enjoy the ensuing "uuuuh." On the other hand, 
tell them "watercolor" and they go "oooh," even if it's actually 
just a low-opacity "multiply" or the likes.

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