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Valerie VK valerie_vk at
Wed Nov 14 12:55:56 CET 2007

> > Still, I was curious as to what Matthew might have been referring
> > to, so I went to examine the Gimp path system again. I think he 
> > is referring not to Live update, but to the ability to apply 
> > strokes to Portions of the path before the full thing is finalized 
> > and then deleted. Basically, in Gimp, I can do this sequence:
> > - make a path segment
> > - apply stroke (path still there)
> > - continue the path
> > - apply stroke (path still there)
> > - undo the last stroke and edit that one portion of the path if 
> > the stroke came out wrong, then apply stroke again
> > - eventually, go back to previous portions of the path, though 
> > obviously you can't undo early path strokes unless you delete 
> > everything that came before
> > 
> > Maybe Matthew wants a command that allows you to apply a stroke 
> > before finishing the path. Maybe hitting "space" or the likes to 
> > allow him to apply a stroke on the go, while leaving the path
> > intact. This would also allow, as he had said, for a user to 
> > "repeatedly stroke the same path." It sounds reasonable. 
> That would a pretty simple interaction change in our old path code
> (which we still need to port...) If we would extend KoPathShape
> with stroking using Krita brushes instead the path would always be
> "live", but you wouldn't be able to stroke, change the path and then
> stroke
> again.
> Boudewijn

When you say "always be live," do you mean that the path and
associated stroke would always be editable? Like a true vector 

Basically, we'd be talking about different usages of the path tool 
then. It's the difference between moving a piece of string on paper 
(you can keep moving it, but there's only one line), and using a 
curved ruler to help you draw lines on the paper (you can move the 
ruler as much as you want, and draw as many lines as you want, but 
short of undoing everything you can't modify previously drawn lines).
It's true that many Gimp users seem to use the path tool primarily for
the second purpose, along with its benefits and drawbacks.

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