Brush spacing / rotate / scale

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Nov 15 18:52:07 CET 2007

Valerie VK wrote:
> Maybe Matthew wants a command that allows you to apply a stroke 
> before finishing the path. Maybe hitting "space" or the likes to 
> allow him to apply a stroke on the go, while leaving the path
> intact.

Aside from the fact that I still stand by thinking stroke placement 
should be lowest on the painting hierarchy and not highest (like it is 
now), why should I have to hit space? What reason is there to not stroke 
the segment immediately? (Again, I'm only talking about /lines/, not 
'actual paths' i.e. beziers.)

The path stuff currently being talked about, on the other hand, sounds 
cool and exciting :-).

> This would also allow, as he had said, for a user to 
> "repeatedly stroke the same path." It sounds reasonable. 
> Matthew, can you confirm this is what you had in mind? 

Nope. The "repeatedly stroke" thing only applies to H/V constraints, 
because then you are not actually drawing lines, just ignoring one axis 
of movement. This is best described with reference to "airbrushing"; you 
can linger over portions of the line, jiggle the cursor repeatedly over 
part of it, etc. It's not often useful, but I use it some times, and 
it's "free" with the H/V constraint (which *is* useful) anyway.

If you can read this, you're too close.

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