Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Nov 12 14:56:04 CET 2007

Sorry for the unthreading... I'm reading my backlog at
while waiting for a long conversion run at work.

"Tempera Creativity Suite" I really, really, really like that
name. I'd also be fine with just "tempera". The problem is, the name "tempera"
is already squatted by one of those filthy dictionary-wielding domain
squatters. But we could, conceivably, ask the e.v.  for &
have it redirect to a dedicated website. Or get
I don't think the "suite" part is something we should keep. 

If I were a benevolent dictator-like maintainer, I'd just decide to go with it :-).
But I guess it would be a good moment to grab the domain and start pricing

Valerie's mockups are really nice. They fit in with the family
style -- we could go with them & start implementing.


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