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On Monday 12 November 2007 14:56:04 Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> Sorry for the unthreading... I'm reading my backlog at
> while waiting for a long conversion run at work.
> "Tempera Creativity Suite" I really, really, really like that
> name. 

I know. The really cheesy "Kreativity" threatened me to find something better 
as soon as possible.
I'd like to have a name that would

1. immediately be recognized by artists to be related to their work (*check* 
for "Tempera")

2. make you _smell_ the color once you just hear it (another *check*, it 
smells like pure creativity)

3. have positive related associations with similar words 
("Temperament", "tempt", "tempera" is derived from the latin word "temperare" 
which is derived from "blending" and "mixing" colors in this context)

4. have a nice sound to it ( nice vowels, ends on "a" -- *check* )

5. be rather unique and not taken already (*check*)

6. avoid too many discussions with Boudewijn ("hey, Tempera is the required 
medium for Orthodox icons, so no chance for disagreement from Boudewijn" ;-). 

So "Tempera" immediately struck me as an obvious possible choice ;-)
Additionally it goes well with "Karbon", "Pigment" and "Krita" ...

> I'd also be fine with just "tempera".  

Well that was the idea. Just like the shortened "Marble" and the official 
project name "Marble Desktop Globe" :-)

> Boudewijn
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