Akademy 2007 Krita Meeting notes

Cyrille Berger cberger at cberger.net
Wed Jul 4 22:41:51 CEST 2007

> "Docker: out ! Validates what on the wiki."
> What does this mean?

that means I have started implementing this 

> "Add an age field to the tiles instead of a list of tiles that can be
> swapped. That way for each access the tile is time stamped, and then
> background thread swap the oldest tile."
> Has using a queue of most/least recently touched tiles been considered
> (move tile to head when you touch it)? Or do you do both?
yes thats what we use currently, the problem is that krita is too much eager 
to swap what's on the list, even if it's young and has been access only a few 
ms before. So with the age, it's possible to say, "no I want tiles to remain 
at least 5s in memory before swapping".

Cyrille Berger

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