Fwd: [Scribus] Converting graphics to CMYK with free software tools

Axel Bojer axelb at skolelinux.no
Fri Sep 22 15:20:26 CEST 2006

Boudewijn Rempt skrev:
> Hi Axel,
> Petr Vanek forwarded you mail to the krita mailing list. I hope you don't mind 
> me approaching you directly about the issues you had?

Not at all, thank youy for your concern, we all want those programs to 
work right, dont't we? :-)

>> (Krita tells me it is "sRGB built-in (lcms internal)"
> * Krita always manages its colors, so when we load an RGB image without a 
> colour profile, we assign the default lcsm sRGB profile to the image.


>> * Krita: I used "CMYK 8 bit integer channel" and "perceptual", but when
>> I try to open the same file with Krita again it gives me a "could not
>> open (...) Reason: parsing error". I think they really are broken
>> because they don't show up in Konqueror and not in Scribus.
> I cannot reproduce this with 1.6, which may mean that either there was a bug 
> in Krita 1.5 or that Krita has a problem with your icc profiles. I don't have 
> those profiles, so I cannot test with them -- could you mail me the .icc 
> files at boud at valdyas.org?

My occ profiles are pretty standard, but anyway, here they are -- 
attached :-)

I am using Koffice 1.5.0 (KDE 3.5.2). This must be the standard in 
Kubuntu 6.0.6, because I have not changed the sources list much.

I tried several times also with slightly different files. My image is 
pretty big (62M as a tiff file), but if you dont mind you could have it 
also for further testing:-) Its a frontpage for a norwegian Magazine, 
actually ...

>> BTW: I tried to open the Gimp-file (.xcf) in krita, but the result was
>> really bad, so I had to convert it first.
> We use Image/GraphicsMagick to load xcf and that converter doesn't support 
> everything .xcf offers. We're currently not planning to write our own .xcf, 
> preferring instead on trying to get OpenRaster off the ground.

ok ... Would be nice with full support though, but this had ... hold on 
... 34 layers (!). Yes, I know, a bit much, but I want to be flexible 
concerning my layout all the way :-) Lot of fiddling with the 
tranparency too, those two might be the reasons ...

Best regards
Axel Bojer
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