[CRASH] move 2 or 3 layers into group layer

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at
Wed Mar 8 08:22:04 CET 2006

If you select two layers (Ctrl-LMB) and move them both into a group layer,
then only one appears. The other is lost!

If you select three layers and move them in, krita crashes:

#0  0x426c4e7b in LayerItem::id (this=0xff00) at /home/m/kde/koffice/krita/ui/layerlist.cpp:901
901     int LayerItem::id() const
(gdb) bt
#0  0x426c4e7b in LayerItem::id (this=0xff00) at /home/m/kde/koffice/krita/ui/layerlist.cpp:901
#1  0x426c7f52 in LayerList::slotItemMoved (this=0x8a7bf20, items=@0xbf94590c, afterNow=@0xbf9458cc)
    at /home/m/kde/koffice/krita/ui/layerlist.cpp:817
#2  0x426cb6b2 in LayerList::qt_invoke (this=0x8a7bf20, _id=139, _o=0xbf94583c) at layerlist.moc:679
#3  0x4266924b in KisLayerList::qt_invoke (this=0xff00, _id=65280, _o=0xff00) at kis_layerlist.moc:166
#4  0x4107c4a7 in QObject::activate_signal (this=0x8a7bf20, clist=0x8a84ca8, o=0xbf94583c)
    at /home/m/kde/qt-copy/src/kernel/qobject.cpp:2356
#5  0x408612ac in KListView::moved (this=0x8a7bf20, t0=@0xff00, t1=@0xff00, t2=@0xff00) at klistview.moc:462
#6  0x40863314 in KListView::movableDropEvent (this=0x8a7bf20, parent=0x89cc268, afterme=0x8f0dca8)
    at /home/m/kde/kdelibs/kdeui/klistview.cpp:965
#7  0x40861865 in KListView::contentsDropEvent (this=0x8a7bf20, e=0xbf945e5c) at /home/m/kde/kdelibs/kdeui/klistview.cpp:910
#8  0x411b65b5 in QScrollView::viewportDropEvent (this=0x8a7bf20, e=0xbf945e5c)
    at /home/m/kde/qt-copy/src/widgets/qscrollview.cpp:1844
#9  0x411b8ebb in QScrollView::eventFilter (this=0x8a7bf20, obj=0x89fff60, e=0xbf945e5c)
    at /home/m/kde/qt-copy/src/widgets/qscrollview.cpp:1538
#10 0x4117c2c2 in QListView::eventFilter (this=0x8a7bf20, o=0x89fff60, e=0xbf945e5c)
    at /home/m/kde/qt-copy/src/widgets/qlistview.cpp:3864

CVS/HEAD from ~1 hour ago.


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