Layer usuability idea

Mr YouP mr.youp at
Sun Nov 6 20:40:03 CET 2005

Le Dimanche 06 Novembre 2005 19:35, Casper Boemann, dans son immense bonté, 
déclamait :
> On Sunday 06 November 2005 14:12, Mr YouP wrote:
> > Hi !
> >
> > I'm still following Krita's developpment with ot of interrest. Thinking
> > about it and about what annoying me in current painting software I'm
> > using, I've got an idea which derivated of the way Krita handle
> > selection.
> >
> > It's about layers, when I'm painting on an image I very often paint on
> > the "bad" layer (mean I though I was on a layer and actually I'm painting
> > on the one just next to). So I said to myself, why not have a mode that
> > display the current layer in the way that Krita display a selection
> > (select part/layer in "clear", the other filtered by a light color). That
> > should be an optionnal mode of course. We can also imagine that each
> > layer could have is own color that we can figured in a second wich part
> > of image own to which layer.
> >
> > Just an idea I want to give...
> Well I can understand where it comes from, but I see some problems:
> We can't choose just any color for every layer. To preserve visibility in
> all cases only 6 different colors can be used to "shade" away. So lets just
> settle on say green for all inactive layers
Oh yes, I see the problem. 

> That is only a minor issue so lets put that aside.
yes, it wasn't the main idea

> Now on the positive side of your idea is that it provides a visual cue to
> the user, which is always good, and being able to turn it off is fine too.
> It's in the details I see a problem. How much of the display should be
> "green" and wouldn't that signal that this is an untouchable area of the
> image(which it isn't).
Yes, that why I think it must be a different color than the one for selection 
(and also more fade, the aim is not to hide) and an optionnal mode

> Should only the non transparent area of other layers be green? 
Yes, I though about only non transparent area. 
> And what if  that hides some of the layer.
I don't understand. You mean if the green leads to an unclear image ? That's 
why I though about configure color by layer but as you said before it's quite 

> nice idea, and please try it out, but in the end i don't think it'll work -
> let's see though.
I'll think about it a little more. I should try some mockup to see what it 
could (should) looks like.


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