Suggestions about the filters gallery

Cyrille Berger cyrille.berger at
Tue Jul 26 13:18:31 CEST 2005

> It's more idiomatic to say Filters Gallery than Gallery Filters -- both in
> the menu and in the dialog caption.
it's also more grammaticaly correct, I will fix that. (hopefully the name of 
the plugin is correct;) )

> I think it would be prettier have only 
> one column in the scrollbox, and to avoid a horizontal scrollbar at all
> costs, by fixing the horizontal size of the widget.
I am also willing to sort the filters by categories.

> Scaling the image to a 
> square is distorting the image; maybe scale to the correct height, and then
> cut the use a cut from middle of the image for the preview?
Or maybe, scale the image to 100/MAX(width, height).

> I guess you're 
> already working on making the previews in the scrollbox match the filters
> settings?

> Finally, we really need to do a thorough design of our filter dialog
> widgets; I'm not convinced the current left-right layout is the best one.

I agree, for filtersgallery, I was willing to have the previewwidget on top, I 
think the dialog would have been less ridiculous, but it might have cause a 
problem with some configuration widget, and it would have been less 
consistant with the "older" filters dialog.

As for the preview widget, I was wondering if it's really usefull to have the 
original image and the modified image visible at the same time, I think that 
having one image at the same time would be better :
 |      |
 |      |
 toolbar = { switch between original and preview, zoom +, zoom -, switch betw 
autoupdate and not, update, ...}

--- Cyrille Berger ---

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