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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Jul 13 14:25:09 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 14:13, Casper Boemann wrote:

> Ok I buy this one. So "Select contiguous" it is. And the icon i> dea I like 
> too, especially if we change "Fill" to "Fill contiguous"

That's okay with me.

> > > The "selection picker" should be "select similar" because that it what
> > > it does. It doesn't pick anything - not like the color picker anyway
> >
> > Well... It selects pixels with a color similar to the color you pick;
> > that's why it's got a color picker icon. That's where it got its name.
> > The Photoshop equivalent is the select-by-colorrange dialog.
> I still like "Select similar" better. Your argument could just as well have
> applied to "select contiguous" it also picks the color and floods with it
> as an argument.

Okay -- "select similar" is okay with me. Once we've got a good idea for an 
icon. Keep in mind that Photoshop uses the same icon and cursor shape -- a 
picker -- for the same selection tool.

> I don't think the picker has much to do with the function of this tool.
> Consequently the icon should be changed too. I just don't know to what.
> Perhabs an equal sign in a selection area.
> > One selection tool we really sorely miss is the lasso tool, by the way.
> Yes, but now that we have "Freehand Select" it should be a bit easier to
> implement.

It's a quite different thing, the lasso tool should select the closest edge 
between colors near where we paint. That's a different tool, not a different 
paintop. Tools determine where painting occurs, paintops how. But a tool that 
paints against an edge could be very useful outside selections, too.

> Also. the names are sometimes "Select xxx" and sometimes "xxx Select"

A native speaker should pronounce about this. I'm not sure anymore...

> But anyway the selections tools should work like the paint tools right?
> With freehand, rect,.. choosen seperately from the paint tool

In a sense, yes. But with selections, it's not really useful to have paint, 
pen (well, perhaps that one _is_ useful), airbrush or duplicate and so on. So 
I thought I'd keep the status quo for the selection tools, as it were, until
inspiration arrives.

Boudewijn Rempt
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