menu labels and mnemonics, how planned were they?

Alan Horkan horkana at
Tue Jul 12 16:12:24 CEST 2005

I looked at Krita and mentioned to Boudewijn how I would like to rearrange
and rephrase some of the menu labels and as part of that I would probably
want to change some of the mnemonics.  Largely I want to reduce redundant
repetition, there is no need to repeat the word Image or Layer for every
menu item as it is already in the parent menu.

Before I go doing that I would like to know how much thought was given to
the current labelling and mnemonics and if there is anything in particular
I should hesistate to change.

The Layer menu is part of the reason I ask because using the mnemonic
La_yer (or La&yer if you prefer) instead of _Layer is so odd I think there
must have been some reasons for doing it that way?  Perhaps English was
not the native langauge of the previous

I'd quite like to see Krita Paint able to automatically resize layers to
fit the contents if only so I could remove the abnormally long menu item
for "Extend Current Layer to Image Size" (may not be the exact wording).


Alan Horkan

Open Clip Art

Alan's Diary

P.S. I am quite likely to start referring to Krita as "Krita Paint"
because I try to choose my words carefully and I strongly believe the two
words need to be closely associated to properly sell Krita Paint to
English speaking (not KDE or Swedish speaking) users.  (If you are really
lucky Krita will someday become so popular I'll be able to call it Paint
and people will automatically think Krita.)

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