menu labels and mnemonics, how planned were they?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Jul 12 16:26:12 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 16:12, Alan Horkan wrote:

> I looked at Krita and mentioned to Boudewijn how I would like to rearrange
> and rephrase some of the menu labels and as part of that I would probably
> want to change some of the mnemonics.  Largely I want to reduce redundant
> repetition, there is no need to repeat the word Image or Layer for every
> menu item as it is already in the parent menu.

Good point.

> Before I go doing that I would like to know how much thought was given to
> the current labelling and mnemonics and if there is anything in particular
> I should hesistate to change.

Except for the general layout of 
file-edit-view-image-adjust-layer-select-filter-tools-settings-help (the 
watercolor menu is temporary holder until we get that part of the interface 
done right), nothing has been particularly intentional. File-edit-view
and tools-settings-help are standard for KOffice, and I pulled adjust from 
image because I hate it that it's a submenu of image in photoshop.

The labelling, the mnemonics and the order inside the menus is completely 

> The Layer menu is part of the reason I ask because using the mnemonic
> La_yer (or La&yer if you prefer) instead of _Layer is so odd I think there
> must have been some reasons for doing it that way?  Perhaps English was
> not the native langauge of the previous

:-). It wasn't me, guv, honestly. Or was it... In 2000, KImageshop did have a 
layers menu, but no mnemonic, in november 2003 it was &Layer, but in august 
2004 it had changed. Actually, it was me -- I was probably misled by the 
mnemonics that appeared at that time -- automatically -- on the tabs in the 
dockers, where L was already taken. I need to find a way to disable mnemonics 
on the tabs, since they are completely useless.

> I'd quite like to see Krita Paint able to automatically resize layers to
> fit the contents if only so I could remove the abnormally long menu item
> for "Extend Current Layer to Image Size" (may not be the exact wording).

In the current svn version that's "Resize image to size of current layer" -- 
it used to just expand the image to the size of the layer. Layers themselves 
are as big as you've painted on, but you wouldn't want to resize the image 

> P.S. I am quite likely to start referring to Krita as "Krita Paint"
> because I try to choose my words carefully and I strongly believe the two
> words need to be closely associated to properly sell Krita Paint to
> English speaking (not KDE or Swedish speaking) users.  (If you are really
> lucky Krita will someday become so popular I'll be able to call it Paint
> and people will automatically think Krita.)

I probably won't join you here...

Boudewijn Rempt
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