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Am Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2005 07:09 schrieb Boudewijn Rempt:
> On Thu, 22 Dec 2005, Torsten Rahn wrote:

> It's not completely the same; we intend to make every filter a dynamic
> layer effect. If I understand what Photoshop does correctly, then it has a
> set of effects that are not the same as filters that can be applied to a
> layer or a selection. 

No. Have a look at Photoshop >= 7!  They have so called styles (or "layer 
style effects") there. You can assign 

- a single style which might contain just one dynamically applied filter 
- one style which contains many dynamically applied filter settings at once
- multiple styles (each containing one or more dynamically applied filter 

to a single layer.

Each style is a kind of layer that contains a set of 
"effects" (filtersettings), which can be "assigned" to a normal layer.
You can copy those styles, insert them into other layers, etc.

(Of course it's not possible to create a standalone style layer which would 
not assigned to a layer. That wouldn't make much sense and would clutter 
usability anyways. So a style is rather perceived as a property of the layer 
rather than a true layer although it is displayed as a kind of layer in the 
layer window)

Very handy of course (and one of the reasons that I haven't used gimp anymore 
since quite some time). The most common task for artists these days I guess 

- create some layer that shows a certain object. 
- click that little "f" ("layer style FX") icon
- a broad palette of filters shows up that you can enable and disable per item 
and tune as you want to
- Once you applied it you can change the object and the effect will 
dynamically follow suit.

That's how it works.
Another nice thing in that Photoshop version are text layers which are also 
stored more dynamically so you can apply changes easily afterwards.

> I guess our approach is more flexibly, but I'm also 
> thinking it'll be a lot slower and and I'm not sure how to do the glow
> thing from one of Photoshop 6's demo's.

IIRC they were introduced with Photoshop 7 ... so that explains something.
You definetely need to upgrade ... ;-)

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