[kde-announce] First preview release of Krita

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Sun Sep 26 22:30:01 CEST 2004

Krita, formerly known as Krayon, formerly known as KImageshop, never known as 
nor intended to be the Kimp, is now for the first time since development 
started in 1999 complete enough to package as: the First Krita Preview 
Release. Building on the great foundation laid by the original team, the 
enthusiastic work by John Califf and the thorough architecture designed by 
Patrick Julien, the Krita developers have been working real hard during the 
last year to bring you: painting (with Gimp brushes or image filters), 
gradients, patterns, excellent tablet support, world-class image scaling 
(though not zooming) and more features than I can remember (being focused on 
the TODO list rather than the ALREADY_DONE list).

This is not an alpha release, though. Stuff is broken, not implemented at all 
or even not even intended to be implemented. We've really been making really 
great progress, but there's plenty left to do -- a challenge to someone 
wanting to get their hands dirty with a paint app that's still small enough 
to understand.

Installing Krita might interfere with your existing KOffice installation, 
depending as it does on the KOffice CVS. But if you're curious or anxious to 
know how far we've come in the past year (or five), download the packages 
Daniel Molkentin has prepared and made available at:


Nightly packages of CVS (and Krita is very actively developed, with daily 
commits) are are at: ktown.kde.org/~danimo/krita/nightly.

(Source only for now, until some kind soul steps up to the plate to produce 
binary packages.)

If you don't feel up to compiling, but still want to gaze at the look & feel 
(described by as "very clean, very easy to find your way around" by an expert 
Photoshop user) you can go to the screenshots and sate your curiosity: 

I really want to thank all the people who have worked on Krita:

The guys who started it all:
* Michael Koch, Matthias Elter, Andrew Richards, Carsten Pfeiffer, Toshitaka 

The man who for the first time made Krita into something that did almost work:
* John Califf

The architect of Krita's current design:

* Patrick Julien

And finally, the current crew:

* Boudewijn Rempt (maintainer, stuff that doesn't work)
* Sven Langkamp (GUI, especially the dockers & the colour wheel)
* Cyrille Berger (Filters, tools, core stuff)
* Adrian Page (Painting, tablet support, gradients, core stuff, fixes all over 
the place)
* Clarence Dang (zoom, shape tools)
* Dirk Schoenberger (code cleanups, tool shortcuts)
* Bart Coppens (Fills, previews, text tool)
* Michael Thaler (Scaling, rotating)
* Casper Boemann (core stuff)
* Daniel Molkentin (Packaging this release)
We really hope to keep up the pace, and make Krita part of KOffice 1.4, to be 
released near the end of the first quarter of 2005.

Boudewijn Rempt | "Geef mij maar zuurtjes."
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