Some bugs

Sven Langkamp longamp at
Mon Mar 8 22:00:48 CET 2004

Am Monday 08 March 2004 18:59 schrieb Michael Thaler:
> Hello,
> yesterday I compiled krita from CVS and I have to admit I am very impressed
> how much you improved krita lately. The brush tool works quite fine for me.
> In most cases it is quite fast (but my computer is a 2.6 GHz PIV with 512
> MB RAM, so I don't know how fast krita really is on slower computers). It
> is also very nice to see that importing images works well, and layers with
> transparency.
I have a PIII 700MHz. The performance of the brush tool is getting better, but 
on my computer it still has problems.

> - The brushes/patterns window is too small. You nearly can't see the mode
> combobox.
I made the docker a bit smaller yesterday, so that there is space to show the 
tool property docker. The spacing/opacity widget will be moved to the tool 
properties docker.

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