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Mon Mar 8 21:25:19 CET 2004

On Monday 08 March 2004 21:14, Michael Thaler wrote:

> I don't have one. I was thinking about buying one. The Wacom Graphire3 is a
> USB A6 graphics tablet and it is 89 Euros or something like that at Amazon
> (Germany). I think that is a reasonable price for something that is totally
> useless for me. The only reason I want to have it is because it should be
> fun to play with it;-) I doubt that it has tilt, because it is a pretty
> cheap one.

Oh, you mean the Graphire -- yes, that's the same one I have. It's a decent 
little thing, and, indeed, what got me interested in Krita in the first 
place :-). The way the Gimp (or GTK2) handles the pen is a little lacking, 
and I wanted to do better... It doesn't have tilt, which is a pity, but it's 
a fun thing, a hit with the children, and not bad quality. And it beats 
painting or retouching with a mouse. The only real problem is that it's a 
bugger to get tablets to work even with current versions of XFree.

> By the way, it would be nice to have a scan dialog in krita, so you can
> easily scan in images. What about scan-to-layer, that would be even better
> then Gimp:-)

Shouldn't be too hard; there is already code in KDE for scanning, and hooking 
it into Krita could be a perfect little getting started project :-). I don't 
have a usable scanner (it's an old parallel port scanner, and my laptop 
doesn't have a parallel port).

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