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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Mar 8 19:27:34 CET 2004

On Monday 08 March 2004 18:59, Michael Thaler wrote:
> Hello,
> yesterday I compiled krita from CVS and I have to admit I am very impressed
> how much you improved krita lately. The brush tool works quite fine for me.
> In most cases it is quite fast (but my computer is a 2.6 GHz PIV with 512
> MB RAM, so I don't know how fast krita really is on slower computers). It
> is also very nice to see that importing images works well, and layers with
> transparency.

I don't really know anymore either -- I recently got this very nice new laptop 
that can compile KDE in half a day :-). But one thing I noticed when 
upgrading was that it didn't matter all that much -- and more importantly, 
some recent fixes meant a lot.

> I know it is probably to early, but I want to report some bugs I found,
> anyway:
> I guess there are many more bugs:-) I think, pretty soon krita will be my
> favorite KDE application if krita keeps advancing so nicely. Thank you.

Oh, yes, oodles of them. And not just because some things have been 
implemented only provisionally, like the sliders, but, well, things are in 

> By the way, would krita work with a Wacom Saphire tablet?

It should -- I know it works with USB graphire. But that's really Qt's thing; 
what I did was simply use Qt's QTabletEvent -- if Qt (and X of course, and if 
there's a kernel module -- getting it right and working can be a pain, still 
not managed to on my new laptop) supports your tablet, Krita supports it. Is 
the Saphire a tablet with tilt? If so, you might consider adding code to do 
fun things with tilt, since my tablet doesn't have tilt, and that means I 
cannot experiment.

Boudewijn Rempt |

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