Some bugs

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Mon Mar 8 18:59:34 CET 2004


yesterday I compiled krita from CVS and I have to admit I am very impressed 
how much you improved krita lately. The brush tool works quite fine for me. 
In most cases it is quite fast (but my computer is a 2.6 GHz PIV with 512 MB 
RAM, so I don't know how fast krita really is on slower computers). It is 
also very nice to see that importing images works well, and layers with 

I know it is probably to early, but I want to report some bugs I found, 

- first, if you press the zoom in button once, the display shows errors. It 
looks like parts of the image are drawn more then once to the screen. If you 
press the zoom-in button again, everything seems to work fine again (also 
krita is getting quite slow in this mode). If you zoom back to 100%, all the 
drawings are fine in the image, so I guess the bug is somewhere in the code 
that displays the image when zoomed. Also when zooming out (I guess the zoom 
is then 50%) a lot of artefacts are drawn on the screen and also the image is 
drawn more then once.

Also the sliders to move the viewport are not very nice. They are two small. 
If the image is only some pixels larger then the screen, they should nearly 
be as wide as the screen and not like they are now.

- when a region is selected and the selection covers the left top corner, 
everything works fine. It is only possible to paint in the selected region. 
If a selection is made somethere in the middle of the image, painting is not 
correct, both for the brush and the line tool.

- Effects do not work when I import an image by import/import image...
They do work if I create an image with the brush tool or when I insert the 
image via layer/Insert image as layer...Also the marks next to the sliders 
are repainted in a weird way when you use the sliders.

- The brushes/patterns window is too small. You nearly can't see the mode 

I guess there are many more bugs:-) I think, pretty soon krita will be my 
favorite KDE application if krita keeps advancing so nicely. Thank you.

By the way, would krita work with a Wacom Saphire tablet?


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